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Short Stories


A short-story prequel to The Day We Die

In the Civic, twelve-year-old children are Branded with when they will die—a process created to ensure the country’s limited resources are not wasted.

But Tessa never expected to be Branded with sixteen—the lowest Brand in the history of the Civic.

Nevertheless, she is helpless to alter her fate, and returns home with an icy shield of shock enveloping her heart.

It was only four days later when the first death happened. And it wasn’t the last—far from it. 

Follow Tessa’s journey in the weeks after her Branding as she is forced or not only accept a world-shattering fate, but is also surrounded by victims of a silent predator… and is left feeling more alone than ever.


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A novella based on the pasts of The Day We Die characters

Don Riley, teenage Master and dedicated perfectionist, is about to take on the biggest case of his life—against his boss's orders. The moment a mysterious  journalist disappears in City Four, Don knows that it is his chance to prove himself to everyone who had ever looked down on him. He's perfectly happy working alone, but then he meets Stella—the missing man's apprentice, who's just as hungry for answers as he is. Can Don and Stella set aside their differences in order to earn Don's promotion and bring Stella's friend home, or are they doomed to lose everything?



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