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Some Fun Facts About Us...

unnamed (1).jpg

Photo by Danielle Arnold

-we co-write (work together on projects instead of writing alone)

-born in Toronto, raised in the country

-daughters of an artist/english teacher

-very nerdy

-went through VERY hard-core dystopia phase that resulted in us publishing a dystopian novel

-obsessed with weird birds like ducks and chickens

-own a 110% psycho mini dog

-unhealthy obsession to fictional characters

-grief spirals when characters die are to be expected

-unexplainable Spider-Man obsession

-addicted to music (Taylor Swift, the Neighbourhood, Conan Gray, Billie Eilish…) 

-one-minute age difference

-unashamed of their stereotypical teenage girl The Vampire Diaries obsession

-published first book at the age of 13

-*former* cheesy horse girls

-never read Harry Potter

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