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"Bluestone has a gift for writing tense, suspenseful scenes, as well as for hooking the reader!"

-Gee on Goodreads


Maya and Sofie Jenkins were born in Toronto and raised in the rural town of Erin, Ontario. Their mother being a former English teacher, the twins have been avid readers since they were young, and published their debut dystopian novel The Day We Die under the pen name Autumn Bluestone at the age of thirteen. Months later, you can find them studying in school, buried in a book, spending time outdoors with their many ducks and chickens, or co-writing their next release. To learn more about Sofie and Maya’s journey as teen authors, follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Buy their shining debut on Amazon today.

Hey! We're Sofie and Maya

Thirteen-year-old YA dystopian authors co-writing under the name Autumn Bluestone
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