Autumn Bluestone

Young adult/dystopia author

"I just finished 'The Day We Die' by Autumn Bluestone and it is FANTASTIC!!!...I will be reading this book again and I CANNOT wait to see what happens next in this trilogy! I seriously didn't want this book to end and was a puddle when it did! "

-Chelsea Nicole Warren on Goodreads

Desk with Book

"Bluestone has a gift for writing tense, suspenseful scenes, as well as for hooking the reader!"

-Gee on Goodreads


Autumn Bluestone was born in Toronto and raised in the rural community of Erin, Ontario Canada. The daughter of an English teacher, Autumn was an avid reader and lover of stories at a young age. She first took an interest in writing when she was ten years old and has nurtured this passion into her debut novel, The Day We Die. You can find her surrounded by books in her little stone farmhouse, writing with a mug of hot chocolate in hand, or wandering outside with her rambunctious dog and much-loved chickens and ducks. 

Notebook and Pen

"The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better."

Stephen King

Praise for The Day We Die

"I've read many Dystopian series but I have never read anything with such an extraordinary storyline. I enjoyed reading the book and found it quite thrilling! It had everything a dystopian novel should have."

​—bookz.forever on Goodreads

"This wonderful novel had the same vibes as YA dystopian masterpieces such as "The Hunger Games", "The Maze Runner", or "Divergent", and was an absolute pleasure to read. I firmly believe that this book could be placed next to "The Uglies", "The Giver" or "Delirium" in any library or bookstore, and would have nothing to envy to those bestselling YA dystopias. Can't wait for part 2!"

​—Gee on Goodreads